Month: November 2012

Professional business logos for just $5

Need a logo? But don’t want to spend $150 or more to get one? There’s a cheap solution! And it only costs $5. There’s a pretty cool website out there called, where people can post all sorts of ‘gigs’ that they’re willing to do for $5. The possible gigs you can order range from […]

The really awsome Gear Ring!

If you’ve not seen this ring yet, you’ve definitely got to check it out! Not only does it look cool, it’s also very addicting to play with. Both the outer races rotate, simultaneously rotating the little gears along the center. It’s quite impressive, which is why I have one of my own. Created by the […]

Incredibly strong (and expensive) VHB tape!

I had a free gift certificate to the website which was burning a hole in my digital wallet. I was on a lookout for something to buy that was actually useful to me. I came across a roll of tape that they called their “Screw-Strong Tape”, and described it as being a replacement for […]

Using ImageMagick with PHP

On one of my sites, I needed to generate thumbnail images from various uploaded files. There are several options out there for doing that, including the GD and ImageMagick libraries. Since GD only supports a limited number of file types, the clear choice was to go with IM. ImageMagick itself does not have native PHP […]