Incredibly strong (and expensive) VHB tape!

I had a free gift certificate to the website which was burning a hole in my digital wallet. I was on a lookout for something to buy that was actually useful to me. I came across a roll of tape that they called their “Screw-Strong Tape”, and described it as being a replacement for glue, rivets and even welding! At a price of about $37 for the roll, it better be some strong stuff! So that’s what I ordered, and it soon arrived.

I haven’t done much with it yet other than take it out of it’s plastic case, but I look forward to posting some results once I get a chance to test it out. It’s worth noting that the day I received this I checked the Inventables website again for it, and it was gone! So doesn’t look like they’re selling it anymore (did I buy the last roll?). But there’s plenty of other places to buy it if you’re interested.

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