I maintain this site as a place to put all of my projects, from weekend projects in the garage, to various programming endeavors. I’ve got a background in just about everything, which should be evident in the wide variety of content on this site. A quick overview of “me”:

– Licensed Private Pilot
– Former FAA Air Traffic Control
– Knowledgeable in: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, MySql, C, C#, C++, BASIC, and more!
– I design and program digital electronics (microcontroller based – PIC, Arduino)
– I can get stuff done in the shop (wood working, metal / machining, etc)
– Love turbines (jet engines)! I’ve owned several – and built one from a turbocharger
– I’ve moved cross-country (east coast to west coast) seven(7) times! Over 23,000 miles of moving (non-military related)
– Rocketry… built rockets, made my own composite fuel
– Developed my own guidance system (partially shown on this site)

I could go on, but things might start to get a bit sketchy, and I’d prefer to remain a free man. 😉


  1. Hello, i’m doing a project that is similar to one of yours, i’m trying to manage the autopilot and set a flight Plan from X-plane, via UDP

    it will be great if you can help me a bit

    Excuse my english


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