Professional business logos for just $5

Need a logo? But don’t want to spend $150 or more to get one?

There’s a cheap solution! And it only costs $5. There’s a pretty cool website out there called, where people can post all sorts of ‘gigs’ that they’re willing to do for $5. The possible gigs you can order range from having a custom business plan written to someone recording a custom Beatles song parody. But perhaps one of the highest-value gigs is logo creation. Some offer several logo designs for $5, while others offer just one. Many of the people offering these live in countries like Pakistan, India, etc. But you’ll also find many residing in the U.S. and Canada. It doesn’t matter though, most of these artists are very talented and offer samples of their work for you to see. And for just $5, you can’t beat it! I got one done myself for a startup I’m working on, and I was really impressed by it.

For just $5, you can’t go wrong! Throw down $20 and have four different artists try their hand at your logo. You are still way ahead of the game cost wise. Plus, most will give you the Illustrator files, which is great for any printing needs as well as tweaking the logo yourself.

This is who I went with for the logo I got done: Idesigners


    1. I certainly can’t argue the getting a logo professionally designed is very important. However, that is not to say that you can’t get a “professional” logo through a service like Fiverr. There are truly talented designers on there and their work shows it. Besides, there are a lot of other logo needs other than “business” logo… such as product logos or page headings, etc. Not all logos need to be Fortune 500 caliber. So for $5, getting a useable logo isn’t too bad.

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