My first meteorite

Just received my first meteorite today! I was first intrigued by meteorites on my last visit to the Smithsonium in Washington D.C. a couple years ago. They’ve got a large and impressive collection of them. The cross sections of meteorites are very interesting as well. They’ve got a “crystal” metal structure unlike anything on earth.

The one I got is a meteorite “crystal”, which from what I understand, is basically a piece of a larger meteorite. They’re fairly expensive, so this was a good cost option (as opposed to a whole meteorite). This meteorite is from the Camp Del Cielo meteorite that was first documented in 1576 in Argentina. Being 91% iron, 7% nickle plus 2% “other”, it’s fairly heavy for it’s size (mine is 58.7g), and it’s ferrous (so magnets attract to it very well!).

A couple more shots of it:


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