The Design

I’ve been working on the general design of our machine for a while now. But since the electronics are now complete, I’ve really got to get moving! We’re aiming for a size around 24″ x 36″, but that will be changing some. Here’s a quick rendering of what I’ve got so far:

We’ll make use of 80/20 extruded aluminum for the frame. Specifically, their 15 series 1530. The gantry will be of the moving variety, with the linear rails consisting of 1/4″ cold rolled steel with carriages from CNCRouterParts. The gantry will use 2 of their extended carriages, and 4 of their standard carriages for the Y and Z axises. We’re also planning on using 3 Acme lead screws from McMaster, 1/2″-8 2 start, made from 4140 with black-oxide coating.

DumpsterCNC will be our source for 1/2″-8 2-start anti-backlash nuts, couplers and collars.

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