It’s alive!

I finished up the wiring tonight and by 5:10am, the controller was running the steppers! Here’s some pics of the finished enclosure and electronics:

As can be seen in the photos, we cut a nearly square section of aluminum plate for the bottom of the enclosure. It adds a bit more rigidity to the base and also makes for a handy heat sink for the rectifier to mount directly to (with plenty of heat sink compound).

Here is the final product, with all the steppers hooked up and connected to the computer (running Mach3). The lid is still left off, I’ll eventually modify it to fit over the printer cable.

When I first started up Mach3 and ran the sample Roadrunner G-Code, only one stepper would move, although all 3 were “humming”. After a few minutes I discovered that I needed to configure the pin assignments for the 3 axis’s in Mach3. These are silk printed directed on the printed circuit board. Until now, I hadn’t paid any attention to those. 🙂 But after that, they all worked flawlessly.

Screen shot of the pin setup:

Here’s  a 1 minute video clip:

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