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First orders placed!

Just placed our first 2 orders for parts. At least a few more orders to go. This first round I got our linear carriages, Acme rod and some sleeves. We already have plenty of aluminum stock to fabricate the table itself, so that is not going to cost us anything.


This post is more for our own use, to keep a list of the components we need to acquire. I’ll be updating this as things are needed or changed.


  • ORDERED(2) Extended linear carriages — $33.50 ea — x 2 = $67
  • ORDERED(4) Standard linear carriages — $23.50 ea — x4 = $94
  • Total: $161


  • ACME 1/2″-8 2-start anti-backlash leadnuts —$19.50 ea — x3
  • Thread couplers — $17.50 ea — x3 = $52.50
  • Thread clamps (shaft collar) — $9.75 ea — x6 = $58.50
  • Total: $111


  • ORDERED 1/4″ x 2″ 1018 Cold-Rolled Steel flat bar 36″ — $12.51 ea


  • ORDERED(3) Acme threaded rod 1/2″-8 2-start 36″ — $38.43 ea
  • ORDERED(6) Thread Clamps (shaft collar) 1/2″ — $1.74 ea

Linear guide

I spent some more time tonight working on the design. I drew up a 3d model of’s extended linear carriage. Here’s a close-up rendering of the linear guide system, x-axis:

The Design

I’ve been working on the general design of our machine for a while now. But since the electronics are now complete, I’ve really got to get moving! We’re aiming for a size around 24″ x 36″, but that will be changing some. Here’s a quick rendering of what I’ve got so far:

We’ll make use of 80/20 extruded aluminum for the frame. Specifically, their 15 series 1530. The gantry will be of the moving variety, with the linear rails consisting of 1/4″ cold rolled steel with carriages from CNCRouterParts. The gantry will use 2 of their extended carriages, and 4 of their standard carriages for the Y and Z axises. We’re also planning on using 3 Acme lead screws from McMaster, 1/2″-8 2 start, made from 4140 with black-oxide coating.

DumpsterCNC will be our source for 1/2″-8 2-start anti-backlash nuts, couplers and collars.